September Vote for New Board Member Announced


On the 76th anniversary of D-Day, in the shade of the gazebo behind Bob Magina’s house in Plainville, MA, John Gisetto announced his intent to retire from his position as Board Member for the club.

Any member wishing to fill the soon to be vacated board seat may nominate himself or herself by sending an email or letter to any of the board members. Members may nominate other members if they wish, and the board will verify the proposed candidate’s willingness to run. These nominations must be in by July 11, 2020. On July 25th the board will meet to interview all nominees. All approved nominees will then have a window to prepare a campaign statement and submit it to the board for review and Bob Magina for inclusion in the August newsletter. Once approved, these campaign statements may also be posted on the forum and club Facebook page.

Article IV Board of Directors of BCHMA of the Bylaws explains the duties and responsibilities of a board members. Article VIII Election of Officers, explains the voting procedure and the requirements for candidates. If you don’t have a copy of the bylaws, you can find them on the club webpage,

The August issue of the Battlewagon will contain voting instructions and dates. On September 19th the board will meet to count the votes. This should allow the results to be published in the October newsletter.

Personally, I would like to thank John for his dedication to the club, his effort on behalf of the club to produce the Bylaws as they currently exist, and years of service as a board member. He has been one of my staunchest allies, and yet a vocal opponent at the same time.