BAYCON 2020 On-Line Model Contest – Club Members Only Voting

As you all know, BAYCON 2020 like many other model shows in 2020 fell victim to COVID-19. BAYCON 2020 was cancelled. I believe this was the first time a BAYCON was ever cancelled.

The Board of Directors got together and decided to have a on-line BAYCON 2020 for our club members only. This on-line contest will be a abridged version of BAYCON. We hope this will give our membership a chance to show their covid modelling for 2020 and add a little competition to the mix.

The Gallery of Models submitted for the On Line Model Competition has been closed. No further entries will be accepted.
Voting may now begin
Car & Trucks
Figures (mounted and unmounted)
Dioramas & Vignettes
1. Judging will be done by all our club members. They will e-mail with their selections for each of the above categories.
2. Their will be 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd selections only.
3. There will be no sweeps
4. You can not judge a category you are entered in
5. You are voting for the model not a particular picture
6. Voting results will be announced in February
Any questions contact me at